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About Us

  • Islamabad hotel Laundary is a Combination of technological advances and innovation in operation management it is the new generation of dry cleaning and laundary service provider that catetr to your needs
  • Islamabad hotel is the only plant which combines the following modern and traditional techniques
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Aqua Clean

  • A superb complement to traditional dry cleaning machines. Aqua clean is an extremely gentel process, developed specifically to deal with most sensitive garments.
  • Quality Result: Removal of salt, protiens, carbohydrates, bacteria and smell of dry cleanable garments which can not be removed from certaintype of fabrics during dry cleaning process.
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  • Advanced Dry cleaning machines with computerized operation for best result
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Steam, finishing techniques

  • Islamabad Hotel has the latest automated methods in steam finishing. Clothes are pressed by using steam manikin and steam ironing board without using traditional electric iron or press.
  • This new method quarantees excellent results on clothes without leaving double crease lines, press or iron marks
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Specialized in

  • Dry Cleaning and steam pressing
  • All kinds of wedding gowns, langas, gararas and beaded dresses
  • Leather cleaning
  • Curtains, sofa covers, cushions , quilts, blankets and wall carpets
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Customer Benefits

  • No Solvent smell
  • No Scorch/burns
  • No Double crease
  • Normal delivery after 24 hours
  • Urgent service at 100% extra changes
  • Free pickup and home delivery service only in Islamabad(On minimum Rs 5,000 +Tax.) of total bill
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Important Hints

  • Don't...
    • Iron a garment if it’s stained. The heat of iron will allow stain to set
    • Hang knitted garments hanging pulls them out of shape and causes a sagging hemline. Knits are best stored in drawer or folded over a padded hanger.
    • Use tested /untested home stain removers, they can aggravate the condition or may create permanenet damage like color loss. Take the garment to your dry cleaner.
    • Use nail polish remover to remove nail polish stains. You will probably damage the garment’s dye, or if the garment is acetate, nail polish remover can create a hole in fabric.
  • Do...
    • Save the "care label" attached to garments you buy for dry cleaners guidance
    • Have garments dry cleaned regularly because, even nominal accumulation of perspiration, grease, grift and dust particles impair to attractiveness and longevity of a garment
    • Take stained garments to your dry cleaner immediatley, for successful stain removal, impossible
    • Keep perfume, hair spray, deodorant and other toiletries away from clothes. Alcohol strips color, Allow toiletries to dry before putting on the garment
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